Save Me: Vote For Someone Else

Ian Lurie Jan 30 2008

votesmxwestSEOMoz is holding voting to see who gets to go up against the search engines in SMX Search Bowl 2008.

Right now, I’m in first place.

If I win, I will be massacred by the likes of Matt Cutts.

So please go
here (Polldaddy Poll) and vote for someone else.

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  1. Don’t believe him. Vote for Ian. You need to get out more anyways.

  2. I’m voting again from home tonight.

  3. He’ll be fine, people. Vote for him anyways. =D
    (NOTE: I’m also taking bets on the inevitable Cutts vs. Lurie showdown. The line is at 9:5 Cutts because of Ian’s current lack of confidence.)

  4. Ian


    Tracy and Elizabeth both work for me. See what I have to deal with every day?

  5. Ian


    I’m being accused of false modesty. So, here’s the whole story:
    When I heard I’d been nominated for Search Bowl, I sent an e-mail to my staff saying “Hey, this might be fun, vote for me”.
    Then I looked at the list of other SEOs. Too late.
    I have no business hopping up on stage with the likes of Aaron Wall, Andy Beal and other gurus.
    It’s hubris. I’ll be struck down for stepping into the Pantheon.

  6. Matt


    Too late! I voted for you! Wish I could make it to watch, I hope someone will video tape it!

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