Saying Thanks: Internet Marketing Requires an Audience

Ian Lurie Feb 13 2008

I wanted to say thanks.
One year ago, Conversation Marketing received 3100 unique visits in February.
This year, I’ve already got 8,200, and am on track to have 18,000 unique visits in February.
Last year, I had 20 RSS subscribers (not tracked in Feedburner, so the graph below doesn’t include it).
This year, I have 550:
While these numbers don’t come close to, say, Darren or Rand, it’s pretty darn cool.
There’s been no PR campaign, no advertising, no marketing. You all did it, by subscribing, commenting, spreading the word, etc..

The Question

So, the question: What do you like best?

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  1. Alex


    As a new reader, I like the honesty of the site. You don’t present SEO and internet marketing as some sort of black art, a process of cheating the search engines and users to make a fast buck.
    It starts with an offering of genuine value and you’re sharing ways to bring that to the attention of those who would want it.
    Keep it up.

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