SearchLove Boston, SIC, PubCon, Oh my!

Ian Lurie Sep 9 2012

By the end of November, you’ll all be sick of me. I’ve got a lot of speaking gigs coming up. Here’s the updated calendar:

SCOE Conference, Saturday, 9/29, 1:30-3:00, Seattle

E-commerce tough love. I’ll be doing a 1-hour site clinic, reviewing 3-4 web sites and providing feedback. I’m nice about it. Lots of learning. This is one of my favorite types of sessions.

PubCon Vegas 2012, 10/18, 11:30-12:45

Analytics APIs and Analytics Management. I’ll get seriously geeky in this one, talking about a keyword mapping tool we use at Portent, and how we leverage the Google Analytics API to make it work. I’ll also be doing a lab on enterprise SEO, any other topics where I can help out.

Seattle Interactive Conference, 10/29-10/30 (time not set)

I’ll be talking social media at SIC 2012.

SearchLove Boston, 11/6 (time not set)

At SearchLove Boston I’ll talk about how we do proposals at Portent, and how you can do proposals that don’t send your audience into a coma. If you’re an SEOMOZ member, by the way, you get a $450 discount to attend.

Come say hi

If you see me, and want to say hi, don’t hesitate. If I’m in a corner huddled around my laptop, interrupt me. In spite of my sometimes-spiky exterior, I love to meet folks and talk marketing!

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