SEO training package: Delayed

Ian Lurie Jul 1 2010

I suck. I really do. I’ve managed to miss the deadline (today) to launch the first unit of the Fat Free Guide: SEO training.
Stuff like running a business, cleaning litter boxes, changing guinea pig cages, speaking at conferences and such got in the way. I tried to cut back on sleep and food, too, but that backfired horribly, with me sleeping 4 hours/night and eating KitKats in an attempt to stay awake. The site’s 90% ready to go. But at this point it’s sleep and care for the menagerie, or end up dancing in my underwear on the Seattle Viaduct, thinking I’m asleep.
I considered flinging the doors open anyway, with only 10 of the roughly 45 modules complete (the rest are mostly written – hence the 90% complete). But somehow, I think another week won’t kill anyone, and it’s better to launch complete.
But I feel badly. So, I’m going to re-open the deal I’d presented on GroundHog Day: Supply your e-mail address, and I’ll give you membership on the Fat Free Guide training site for $7/month. That’s about 75% off.

This is not a come-on or a marketing ploy. This is 100% authentic Jewish guilt, carefully bred into me through 1000 years of genetic tuning on my Eastern European ancestors. I’m like Teela Brown, only I’m guilty, not lucky.


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  1. Devin


    Totally understandable Ian, with running a business and all. I’m wondering if you’ve outlined the 45 modules yet?

  2. Hi Ian,
    I can understand all of your pressing issues. I had to take time out for a hamster funeral earlier this week. It was only a matter of time, as every other animal in our house wanted to eat it…cats/dog/me…
    I take it my Groundhog registration is still good?
    Have a happy 4th of July!

  3. Corey


    This made me LOL:
    “…eating KitKats in an attempt to stay awake”

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