Shoemoney Dislikes 95% of SEOs, Can’t Do Grammar

Ian Lurie Feb 10 2008

Truth is, I don’t like 95% of SEOs, either. I make a habit of tearing down the fraudsters whenever possible.

But man, Shoemoney, could you get someone to proofread a bit?

“Its like people don’t know you can goto a web site without going to a god-damn Search Engine.”

Which, when filtered through 6th-grade grammar books, becomes:
“It’s like people don’t know you can go to a web site without going to a god-damned search engine.”

I’m hardly Hemingway myself. This shouldn’t be a big deal. It really shouldn’t. But I’m sitting here after a four-kid sleepover, studying up for SMX, trying to recover from jet lag. So I’m not my normal happy self. Cough.

C’mon – if you’re blogging, which of course is writing, couldn’t you work a little on the writing part?

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  1. I don’t know ether Shoemoney is confused, or if his ideas are just lost in really bad writing. I could likely count on one hand the number of times in day when I actually type in a URL. I have one group of sites that open automatically in Opera, a set of client sites that are contained in a separate toolbar that I turn off or on as needed, a half dozen more that are bookmarked in the browser, and hundreds of others linked at
    If it’s not in one of those places I Google because the search box is right there in the top right corner. It’s faster and usually easier than trying to remember the exact spelling of a long URL, or whether it’s dot-com or dot-net or dot-org or dot-co-dot-uk.
    Sure, I’ll type or, but that’s about it.

  2. I agree.
    I’m sure that I’m guilty of the occasional grammar faux pas myself, but it seems that the vast majority of bloggers are getting sloppy.

  3. Laura


    em, mayhaps hes doin a eecummings thang?
    (gest kiddin)

  4. Ian


    What pains me the most is the number of A- and B listers that are getting so sloppy. It’s hard to take them seriously if they can’t use the right ‘your’.

  5. I found this site by typing “Shoemoney can’t write” into Google. I was interested to know if anyone else thought this guy was a horribly lazy writer, poor speller, and bad at grammar. 1 millisecond later, my hunch was proven.

    One of his latest posts is nothing more than a bunch of huge images of him with a bunch of ridiculous swag Captain Morgan sent him. Yay for you, Shoemoney. You got a bunch of junk from a rum company. Why do I care?
    I used to think you had good info on making money online, but your writing is lazy and seem more concerned with taking pictures of yourself in animal pajamas, lame t-shirts, and with marketing junk then writing valuable articles to help people make money.

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