SMX West Search Bowl Massacre of 2008

Ian Lurie Feb 26 2008

After the game was over, and the teams left the field, the SEM Allstars (myself and Todd Friesen) could only hang their heads in shame.

This is what I’ll be wearing tomorrow at the conference:

a bag, on my head

Once I heard the first few questions, which were things like “In what year did Sergey Brin stop parting his hair on the left hand side?”, I knew we were doomed.

On the bright side:

  • We ended up with a score higher than zero. For a while we were flirting with a score of -4, but we rallied.
  • The beer was excellent.
  • It was great to meet so many search luminaries.
  • And, in spite of the bloodbath, it was very fun.

So, Danny Sullivan, Rand Fishkin, et al, thanks for having me in the contest.
(But I will have my revenge one of these days. Maybe a Lord of the Rings trivia contest…?)

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  1. Susan


    Way to look at the bright side Ian! I am sure it was a respectable loss. If they do have a LoTR trivia contest, patch me in :) – we will destroy them.

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