Speaking at SMX Stockholm

Ian Lurie Oct 24 2007

I’m speaking in Stockholm next week at Search Marketing Expo.
SMX Stockholm

I’ll be focusing on reducing waste in PPC campaigns – particularly PPC campaigns without clear conversion goals. If you’re a publisher who counts on user engagement, rather than sales, leads or signups, this will be particularly relevant to you. Here’s my blurb so far:

PPC Waste Management: Cost Reduction and Efficiency

Paid search marketers spend a great deal of time focused on conversion: Minimizing cost per sale, maximizing conversion rates, etc.. But what do you do when your site doesn’t have a clear conversion goal? Or if you’re focused on engagement and branding? These kinds of campaigns are typically very inefficient, and more vulnerable to fraud.

I’ll review options for tracking and removing wasted clicks from your PPC campaign through analytics, and what to do if you can’t install an established analytics package.”

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