Ian Lurie Oct 28 2013

Well, not really.

First, PORTENT DID NOT POST THIS. We never would.

The guys who did may have been joking, I guess? Hopefully?

Baby Jesus Testimonial

Understand: This is exactly the kind of shock-jockey crap that makes marketing a joke. It doesn’t just insult an entire religion. It also insults our intelligence. I somehow doubt that the Christian Messiah gave these guys’ marketing ‘system’ a look-see.

Yes, the subject line got me to click. No, I won’t watch the video. No, I’m not ‘intrigued.’ No, I don’t admire your ‘clever marketing.’

I’m a marketing idealist. I know that communications can save the world, and I know marketing is one of the most prevalent forms of communication.

When you cheapen it with garbage like this, you cheapen communications. Which means folks take crucial messages less seriously.

If this isn’t a joke, I want to cry for our entire industry right now.


  1. Adult Jesus loves the transfiguration model.

  2. Cheap ploys make Baby Jesus cry :(

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