The IanCon!!!!

Ian Lurie Sep 27 2007

At long last, I can join the world of the internet-worthy. I have my very own avatar, created by Chris Furniss, who happens to work for me. So it’s not like he had any choice. But he still did a nice sketch that removes the bags under the eyes, vague 40-ish paunch and the 5-o’clock shadow:

ian's icon

I did not have to pose for it, either. He’s working on numerous action versions:


Look for Ian Mugs, Ian Shirts, Ian commemorative license plates and Velvet Ians, coming soon to souvenir shops near you…

Should I do a 500-foot tall poster, like Chris Pirillo?


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  1. Chris


    we are going to do a whole series and turn them into a comic book. It will be the worst comic book ever created. This is how we get into the Guinness book.

  2. Tom


    Couldn’t we just have a Guinness Stout instead?
    This is a great post Ian. If anyone is not in on the joke they need to see the big head banner on stage at Gnomedex. Here is an image:

  3. ian


    Chris: Will I have super powers?

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