Things I learned this week

Ian Lurie Sep 24 2009

  1. Google confirmed they ignore the keywords meta tag. Thank you thank you thank you!
  2. Seth Godin makes mistakes. At least, according to Danny Sullivan and Lisa Barone. And me, if it matters. You still rock, Seth, but own up, OK?
  3. Google will never, ever give up on social media and wiki stuff.
  4. I cannot care for goldfish.
  5. No brand can remain silent when they screw up. Not even American Girl.
  6. Bidding on brands is even making it to TV.
  7. America’s infrastructure is doomed. Remember I said this six months from now, when my office is underwater.
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  1. Mike Pooposterous

    Mike Pooposterous

    Goldfish need 5-10 times as much water and care as other small tropical fish. I recommend corydoras and danios. They don’t get big, and they will eat food.
    I don’t like google. Apart from a gmail address that I use for blog comments, I don’t use their services. I have blocked everywhere because it gives me the illusion of doing something.
    Of course American Girl can’t remain silent. None of them can. I would not know Seth Godin if he punched me in the face.
    In Canada, we have learned to use trees as broadband relays and amplifiers. So we’re pretty much set, but the moose peeing on the antennas makes some websites smell funny.

  2. I totally agree, Seth Godin rocks! He is just a human like everyone else!

  3. diane


    Oh my gosh, that American Girl story just makes me seethe. How clueless and out of touch can these people get?

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