Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm…

Ian Lurie Feb 16 2008

are you kidding

Are you kidding me? What web browser should I be using?

This is like saying “eat anything except the food”…

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  1. Well I know a lot of companies don’t bother coding for Mac safari and firefox – but this one isn’t even compatible with IE7??? I think they need to be rethinking their IT team…

  2. I recognized the disclaimer immediately…from last summer, so I’ll contribute a part 2:
    * Sometimes it is best to acknowledge that something does not work and will not work, or that the effort or time necessary to make it work will be better spent elsewhere, and to begin anew from scratch.
    Perhaps there are non-technical factors delaying a resolution, such as budget constraints or company culture?
    * Sometimes it is better not to offer or to retract a service than to offer a flawed service, especially if that flawed service makes your business look moronic.

  3. You may experience difficulties being dumb if you have common sense, or if you employ any of the following techniques: thinking, learning, or not being dumb.

  4. Alex


    I suppose the web site was only tested under IE6 on Windows.
    Web developers like that give the rest of us a bad name. Perhaps they’d prefer to stick to building websites for their cousin’s wedding in FrontPage.

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