Tip of the Day: Check How Your Feed Looks

Ian Lurie Oct 23 2007

Update: Of course, had I read further, I would’ve seen that Matt already knew about the problem, and that it was being addressed by Feedburner et al. Cough cough…

One of my daily reads is Data Mining.

Just today, though, I saw that their feed has, uh, decayed a bit in Google Reader:

RSS Reader

Always check to see how your feed looks in a feed reader. If it’s a mess, make sure your HTML code doesn’t include an unclosed element, or a comment that’s not closed, or something else.

Matthew, I took a look at your source – couldn’t find anything obvious. There sure are a lot of looong commented sections, though, with some entities and such in ’em…

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  1. Barry Rueger

    Barry Rueger

    Ah, for the days when the Internet meant Explorer, Netscape, and text e-mail! Life was easy.
    Now we need to consider whether our message is being read in one of a half dozen slightly incompatible browsers, or in a standalone e-mail client, or via webmail, or in any of a dozen newsreaders, or even after being aggregated by some service like FeedBlitz or Google. Am I alone is wishing for a service that could parse a page or message and tell me where it will or will not display properly?

  2. Ian – the weird thing is that the blog looks fine to me in Google Reader, Bloglines, in both IE7 and Firefox.

  3. ian


    Yah, I noticed that, briefly today, you had two of each post in your feed (this is in Safari). One version would be messed up. The other looks fine.

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