Top 5 Ways To Write a Top 5 List

Ian Lurie Jun 26 2007

The ‘top 5’ list attracts readers to your blog. No question about it. If you’re looking for inspiration, read on:

  1. Follow the keywords. Check your web site traffic report. Find the most common phrase used by folks to find your site. If your own site keywords aren’t useful, try It shows you a list of phrases related to any keyword search you perform. Base your list on that phrase.
  2. Check the Answers. Look at Yahoo! Answers. Lots of folks ask questions there, every day. It’s a great source of inspiration.
  3. Check the tooth-grinders. If you get asked the same question again and again, maybe that’s worth answering with a list.
  4. Keep it brief. Each item in the list should be short and sweet (my #1 here is a lousy example).
  5. Include some tools. Know any great, relevant online tools? Include them in the list.
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