Trying Out Entrecard

Ian Lurie Dec 27 2007

I’m giving Entrecard a try.
Entrecard is an ad network for blogs. You earn credits when folks click on the Entrecard widget on your site:

Or when they ‘drop’ a card, or if someone advertises.
I’ll let you know how it goes. So far I see the potential, but I also see a lot of junk arriving in my Entrecard inbox, and I only signed up about 10 minutes ago.

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  1. Hi,
    Don’t bother about the junks in your Inbox. They are people who just dropped their cards on your blog and give you one credit from each dropped card.
    If you don’t like to see them in your Inbox, just ignore them (don’t see your Inbox).

  2. Ben


    I’m still a little weary about trying out Entrecard. I know that it sprung itself on the net pretty quickly, but it seems like something that doesn’t really pay off for the work you might put into it.

  3. Thanks to Entrecard I was able to visit your website.
    If you want to have more Entrecard credits, I’m giving away 2000 Entrecards in my contest. Feel free to visit my website for the details.

  4. Can credits of Entrecard be exchanged to $ in anyway? I don’t want to bother with those credits LOL

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