Weirdest Keyword Searches of 2009

Ian Lurie Mar 17 2009

Look at the referring keyword list in your analytics report can teach you a lot. I’ll be doing a video tutorial on that in a few minutes, hopefully.
In the mean time, here are some of the strangest, most bizarre key phrases generating traffic to my blog:

  • “Buy a wife”. Actually explained by this post, which ranks in the top 20 on Google. I will not sell wife-market ads on this page, sorry.
  • “Snidely Whiplash”. This one’s generated by the image search result and top-10 ranking for ‘snidely whiplash’ for this article.
  • “I hate customers”. No I don’t! You pay me money!
  • “Lemming”. I have no words.
  • “Parthenon cake”. I’m not surprised by this one as I did a post about it. But who the hell searches for ‘parthenon cake’?!
  • “Biggest goldfish”. Bwah?
  • “Uvula”. No idea.
  • “Poop blog”. I have to accept blame for this one.
  • “Dumb dumb stupid head”. OK dokey.
  • “How many people jumped off the brooklyn bridge”. ???
  • “Roxicet 30mg”. Sorry, if I had any I’d take it.
  • “Start a sexy conversation on the internet”. No. I have no content about this. No finger pointing please.

So there you go. Amazing what folks search for out there…

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  1. I’m apparently the boss when it comes to “r&b lovesongs”, which cracks me up. I have a common comment poster with those keywords but *nothing* in my site. :)

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