What 3 Blogs Would You Take To A Desert Island?

Ian Lurie Jul 22 2008

You’re marooned on a desert island. Miraculously, you’ve got plenty of food and water, and a laptop that’s mysteriously connected to the internet. But you are only able to browse 3 blogs.
What 3 would it be? And no cheating: You can’t use Alltop, or Google Reader, or that kind of thing.
As for me, I’d want:
AgencyTart, assuming she doesn’t abandon us all again.
Smashing Magazine, so I could remain jealous of their success and ability.
The Huffington Post, so I could keep up with the world and remember that being marooned isn’t all that bad.
How about you?

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  1. Miss B

    Miss B

    I would want:

  2. Weather.com’s blog, How to create rafts out of things found on an island blog, and Current’s around the world blog.

  3. hmmmm…
    How about gizmodo because im a techy gadget kinda guy, Guykawasaki because hes a smart marketing techy dude and Deadspin because in between the dirt i might get a sports update or 2

  4. Pitchfork, to get my music fix (as pretentious as their writers may be).
    BoingBoing, what better escape from certain death and starvation than the Directory of Wonderful Things?
    Time, to keep apprised of the political machinations of the world and other current events that I’ll no longer care about because I’ll be talking to a volleyball for entertainment.

  5. Tough question. I think that I would keep access to my own blog (http://kermitfan.blogspot.com), so that I could write about the experience and generally try to keep my mind in a saner place.
    Secondly, I would access the Marketing Profs Daily Fix (http://www.mpdailyfix.com/) because there are often insights there by people who are far more seasoned and educated than I am on Marketing topics.
    Finally, I would take the Wayfarer on the Creative Path blog (http://creativepath.typepad.com/wayfarer/), as there’s always something inspirational posted on this great blog.
    … but there are so many more that I would want to take with me!

  6. SusanC


    This is a great question – but a tough one. Here goes:
    1. http://www.cVillian.com – a local Charlottesville, VA blog with a quirky mix of up-to-the-minute happenings as well as reviews and commentary. VERY entertaining – especially the comments.
    2. I agree with KermitFan – I would have to have access to my own blog (http://lifev2.net) in order to journal my experience, and to help not feel so lonely.
    3. Perhaps a blog to remind me of the bigger picture – so I don’t get caught up with worrying about the small stuff… my favorite “save the world” type of blog is (and always has been) http://sowhatcanido.blogspot.com – it’s not pretty but it’s good.

  7. Thanks Susan! I’m glad to know that “So What Can I Do” makes the cut!

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