What I’d Do If I weren’t in SEO

Ian Lurie Aug 24 2007

Bicycle Storeimnotadoctor tagged me today with the question:

What career would I pick if I were not in the SEO industry?

I’m in internet marketing, strictly speaking, but, in order of desirability, here’s what I’d choose:

  1. Novelist. I love writing. Everyone tells me I should write a book. Sure! I’ll be rich!
  2. Bicycle shop owner. This is actually my retirement plan, for fun, someday.
  3. Gaming shop owner (geeky games – my family would starve to death).
  4. Intelligence analyst. Seriously. Could I do any worse?
  5. Lawyer. I have a law degree, as yet unused. But I’d rather explain my errors to a hostile Congress than practice law.


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  1. Bicycle shop owner –
    As an avid mountain biker that is sounds like a great retirement plan!

  2. Yup. Right now I’m sitting here staring at my shiny, new Felt F2, all Dura Ace road bike. While my torn hamstring heals slooooowwwlyyyy…

  3. I think every person should follow your rules. It would be better… : )

  4. Erald


    This is some really great advice and for all of us bloggers it needs to be taken to heart.

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