What To Do If Your Store Crashes (Yahoo! Stores Shut Down by Cyber Monday)

Ian Lurie Nov 26 2007

WebGuild reports that Yahoo Stores have been shut down by high traffic volumes.
I just tried to use a Yahoo store. Load times were so slow I didn’t even get to checkout, which is apparently where the worst problems have occurred.
If you prepared for Cyber Monday but used a Yahoo store, you’ve definitely been hurt.
But you can bounce back. Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Don’t blame Yahoo. Yes, it’s their fault. But you picked them, probably because their store is cheap and easy to set up. That’s fine! Yahoo gave you your start. Now it’s time to move on.
  2. Set up a new store using PayPal, or Volusion, or something else. Yes, you’re in for a long night. But you probably have to do it.
  3. Send an e-mail to every past customer and newsletter subscriber apologizing for the problems, and offering them an additional discount to make up.
  4. Post the same message on your site. Write it in plain language: “I’m sorry. We’ve taken measures to avoid this in the future. I want your business. Please accept this discount”. Simplest is best.
  5. If you’re received complaint e-mails, answer them!
  6. Set up a Google Alert to track who’s talking about you. Then go and answer their posts, one at a time, via comments. Don’t be defensive. Be honest, and explain what you’ve done to fix the problem.

This is a marketing opportunity, not a catastrophe. How you respond will make a big difference.

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