Why Portent and Why Me?

Ever notice that companies mirror their leaders in personality, expectations and culture?  I had met Ian Lurie on several occasions over the last couple years and immediately learned to respect his unmatched knowledge, integrity and vision.  His company and, more importantly, the people at Portent mirror Ian.

When the opportunity came to collaborate with him (them) this past fall as a business consultant, I was thrilled.  Unexpectedly, after a couple months of working closely with the team, a personal opportunity arose to join Portent as a Partner and act as its President to help lead it to new heights.  And to, as I like to say, move it from “success to significance”.  This is a unique opportunity with a unique, industry-leading company & CEO and one I couldn’t resist.

Joining Portent

So, as I reflect on entering into this change for me and my family, one thing I learned is to stop trying to determine every move in advance and start to enjoy the journey, because it leads to places never imagined.  My journey to Portent was as unexpected as the opportunity itself…

Last Spring I decided to venture out and launch my own consulting firm.  I left a television station I’d spent the previous five+ years rebuilding (and an industry I’d spent 15+  years selling great products and leading great people) and achieved much of what I had hoped.  So, trust me when I say, not everyone agreed with my decision to leave for something “more” and “unknown”.  To most people, it didn’t make sense.

“Was I crazy or just an idealist?” they asked.  Well, maybe both and I got it; at that point I was a Vice President in a Fortune 200 media company, running a successful operation and sales department.  But, beyond that, in my heart, I knew I was a builder and not simply a caretaker, which that position had become for any number of reasons.  I discovered that I get energy from having real impact and influence, not to mention, I also visioned the next 20 years of media and marketing and it was plain to see where the impact and influence were headed.  And that is the belief that set me on my journey.

So, this particular blog entry is a bit of a memoir, but what seems important, as I step into this opportunity with Portent, is that amazing &  unexpected things can happen when you are open to them and have the courage to pursue .

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  1. Steve – Belated but heartfelt congratulations! Portent was already such a force of nature with Ian seemingly everywhere/all the time. I anticipate even more spectacular results now that he’s collaborating with someone of complimentary talent and comparable drive and imagination. Best wishes, Bruce Lee

  2. Steve, this is fantastic. I always enjoyed working with you at Fisher and knew you were headed to do great things. Very exciting project and your passion, courage and integrity will produce positive results for your clients.

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