12 SEO things I want

Ian Lurie Nov 10 2009

  1. Access to real, accurate, useful, transparent query data.
  2. For all snake oil sellers to shag off.
  3. For all people who say all SEO is snake oil to shag off.
  4. A Google webmaster tools API that actually lets me read data.
  5. A real competitor to Google. Not that I don’t like Google, but c’mon.
  6. PageRank forever erased from the Google Toolbar.
  7. The phrase ‘link exchange’ forever erased from our collective intellect.
  8. A mandatory kidney punch for anyone who says SEO is about optimizing your meta tags. OK, maybe just a sneer. I’m not a violent man.
  9. A year to complete all the cool tools I’ve dreamed up, but can never build because of time constraints. Just a year? Pretty please?
  10. An end to brand favoritism.
  11. Linking guidelines that don’t resemble the legal system in a Franz Kafka novel. I know everyone’s just doing their best, I really do. But still…
  12. A look 10 years into the future. We’ve come from nothing, essentially, to what we have now in 10 years. Can you imagine what 2019 will be like? I can’t wait.
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  1. Can you explain more about “Brand favoritism”?
    As far as 2019 goes, I fully expect that it’ll be more confusing and complex than ever in some ways, with one important exception: creating great content that people want to share will still be the best way to get traffic.
    Sad to say but 95% of the bad SEO stuff out there is just ways to try and get around that reality, because creating great content is genuinely difficult. But I guess that’s what makes it so valuable :)

  2. Ian


    Brand favoritism is the search engines’ nasty habit of putting bigger brands higher up in the SERPs, in spite of godawful optimization.

  3. 5-7: for sure.
    8: yeah, I’d stick with the kidney punch :)
    12: I got to agree, it would be awesome to see what life is like 10 years from now.

  4. I totally agree with you! especially on points 6 and 8.. this thing about PageRank is really annoying!!

  5. #1 is great… but don’t you just love popping in 5 different keywords only to see they each get exactly 2,440 searches a month? That’s wonderful fun. Or not. :)

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