Amazon and Google SEO: My presentation

Ian Lurie Mar 8 2017

More coming (including links), but here’s the slide deck from today’s Resonate presentation:

The links

These are some of the resources I mentioned in the presentation. If you don’t see one, let me know.

Keyword and competitive analysis

Amazon keyword search data

Keyword and question analysis. A great way to mine for questions and product features in which your customers are interested.

Moz Keyword Explorer
A new keyword research tool from Moz. It integrates with the rest of their toolset.

A keyword research tool. Includes both organic and paid rankings data. Great for competitive research

Google Insights for Search
Trended search data from Google

General SEO Health

They make a whole bunch of great tools: OpenSiteExplorer, FollowerWonk, etc. Check ‘em out.

An amazing toolset. SEO, social, etc. May wash your dishes, too.

Google Search Console
Get site SEO and other ‘health data’ from Google.

Bing Webmaster Tools
Bing’s version of Google Search Console. A fantastic tool in its own right. Use it.


  1. Great info Ian! Question – will there be a video of your presentation?

    • Hi Ron!

      Sorry, they didn’t record it.

      • Well that’s a shame. Wish they would have. But I still learn new things from the slides! Thanks so much for posting.

  2. The battle is just heating up between these two with Echo and Google Home. Also I love ‘grey-hattedness’ :)

    • It’s a state of being, really.

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