An SEO Case Study

Ian Lurie Jan 27 2007 is a client of ours – they run an online video network. Don’t think YouTube, think NBC.

We’ve been working with them on search engine optimization, bragging modestly. They’ve made a huge collection of changes to their site infrastructure, started blogging, and worked hard on high quality content to which folks want to link.

The results are just starting to come in:

Veoh SEO

I am immensely proud of the result, and of their sticking with the ethical, long-term approach. You don’t get these kinds of results by tricking the search engines. You get them by building great content and great relevance.

Congrats, guys.

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  1. A Page Rank of 7 for your client and top SERP’s for the ‘online videos’ keyword. Not to mention the quality backlinks from PaidContent, Wikipedia and the Wall Street Journal.
    Very Nice.

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