Barack Obama Keyword Chart & Google Ranking Report

With the 2008 Presidential Election only a few days away it’s time for a little end of campaign fun.

  • Today I present you with Barack Obama’s keyword chart and Google ranking report.
  • Tomorrow I will present John McCain’s keyword Chart and Google ranking report.
  • On Monday I will run both ranking reports then compare them and predict the results of the 2008 Presidential Election.

Before you review Senator Obama’s keyword chart let me explain the methodology.

  1. Get a list of internal links from
  2. Run the first 50 pages through the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.
  3. Remove duplicates and keywords with less than 1,000 monthly [exact match] searches.
  4. Poll the the ranking results that are equal to or better than thirty.
  5. Estimate monthly exact match traffic based on Google click-through ratios based on the 2006 AOL Data Release.

For the purpose of this exercise, which is to have a little Presidential SEO fun, the numbers will be consistent and based on somebody’s reality. Using the AOL data is obviously flawed. The ratios are from 2006, not today. Our own research shows that click-through rates on branded terms are much higher for the first position. Also, if we were working on behalf of a client we would filter out non-relevant terms. But hey, you don’t think I’ll give away Portent’s proprietary methods and SEO secrets, do you?


Here is Barack Obama’s Keyword Chart and Google Ranking Report:


KeywordsAvg. Search VolumePositionMonthly Organic Traffic Est.Web page
[Exact Match]Broad Match[Exact Match]Broad Match
barac obama660012778.6
barack o bama13001547.3
barack obama campaign440011852.4
barack obama official website10001421
barack obama platform16001673.6
barack obama website660012778.6
barackobama com1480016230.8
barak obama135000156835
barrack obama40500117050.5
barrak obama540012273.4
brack obama290011220.9
obama 08990014167.9
obama 2008360011515.6
obama blog19001799.9
obama bumper sticker16001673.6
obama campaign1210015094.1
obama com1210015094.1
obama education10001421
obama for america540012273.4
obama health care16001673.6
obama iowa19001799.9
obama issues16001673.6
obama official website10001421
obama on the issues10001421
obama platform240011010.4
obama stickers10001421
obama web site16001673.6
obama website660012778.6
obama’s platform10001421
www barack obama com16001673.6
barack obama823000297937
barack obama com81002963.9
barack obama education10002119
barack obama issues19002226.1
barack obama religion81002963.9
barack obama t shirt13002154.7
o bama13002154.7
obama bumper stickers19002226.1
obama shirts29002345.1
obama t shirt44002523.6
sen barack obama10002119
vote obama13002154.7
barach obama36003306
barack obama age19003161.5
barack obama news44003374
michelle obama7400036290
obama shirt24003204
obama speeches36003306
senator barack obama54003459
barack obama bio66004402.6
barack obama pictures1600497.6
barack obama shirts1300479.3
barack obama t shirts29004176.9
barack obama video54004329.4
brock obama24004146.4
obama t shirts66004402.6
obama video44004268.4
senator obama44004268.4
barak obama biography1600578.4
biography of barack obama1900593.1
senator joe biden1300563.7
barack obama abortion1600665.6
barack obama speeches2400698.4
barak obama religion1000641
obama biography81006332.1
barack obama speech81007275.4
joe biden3310071125.4
obama news148007503.2
barack obama biography331008993
barack obama muslim121008363
is barack obama a muslim16001048
joseph biden360010108
barack obama height130012
pictures of barack obama100012
obama speech3310013
senator biden160014
barack obama parents100015
is obama a muslim240015
what religion is barack obama100016
barack obama mother190017
who is barack obama440017
2008 presidential elections360018
barak obama muslim130018
is barack obama muslim190018
barack obama family190019
barack obama sr130019
democratic presidential candidates990022
barack obama background100023
the audacity of hope540023
obama family240024
obama parents100024
2008 presidential campaign240026
democratic platform190028
obama abortion360029
2008 presidential election1810030
2008 candidates6600
2008 election27100
2008 election candidates1600
2008 elections8100
2008 presidential candidates40500
2008 presidential election polls1000
2008 presidential poll1600
2008 presidential polls8100
2008 presidential race2900
2008 republican candidates1900
african american40500
african american history14800
african americans12100
alaska permanent fund3600
alternate energy2900
alternative energy49500
asian americans2900
audacity of hope3600
barack obama antichrist4400
barack obama book1000
barack obama church1300
barack obama history1300
barack obama middle name2400
barack obama profile1000
barack obama quotes3600
barack obama voting record1300
barack obama wife1000
baraka obama1600
black history49500
black history month49500
black planet110000
black women49500
borac obama1000
bush tax cuts3600
clean energy27100
clinton obama8100
compare candidates1600
democrat candidates1600
democrat debate2900
democratic candidates14800
democratic candidates 20081600
democratic debate49500
democratic party40500
democratic primary12100
dreams from my father2900
election 20041300
election candidates1600
election map1300
election news6600
election polls12100
election results33100
electoral vote8100
electoral votes8100
energy conservation12100
energy efficiency12100
energy resources2900
energy sources5400
famous african american3600
george bush135000
green energy8100
hillary clinton550000
hillary clinton polls1000
iowa poll2900
iowa polls8100
john cain1600
john mccain301000
john mccain campaign1000
mccain 20081600
mccain campaign1600
michele obama3600
new hampshire primary33100
new york news14800
obama background1000
obama endorsements1600
obama mother1900
obama poll4400
obama polls6600
obama quotes2900
obama voting record2900
obama wife2900
obama’s parents1000
obama’s wife2400
politic news246000
political blog5400
political blogs8100
political buttons1600
political campaign5400
political news14800
political polls18100
political wire6600
politics news3600
presidential campaign6600
presidential candidates90500
presidential debate14800
presidential election27100
presidential poll8100
pueblo apartments1900
pueblo bonito mazatlan1600
pueblo colorado real estate1600
pueblo flights1900
pueblo hotel4400
pueblo hotels27100
pueblo jobs2400
register to vote60500
registering to vote4400
renewable energy27100
republican candidates22200
republican candidates 20081900
senator john mccain4400
senator mccain2900
solar energy90500
solar panels90500
solar power74000
the monthly1000
the washington post27100
vote registration1000
voter registration40500
voter registration form4400
voting polls3600
voting registration2900
where to vote4400
who is obama1600
wind energy40500
www games com60500
you decide 20081000
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