Correct in An Empty Room

Ian Lurie Apr 24 2007

In marketing, it pays to start with your audience’s ideas, even if they’re wrong. Nowhere is that more true than search marketing: Pick the keywords they expect, and you’ll have a shot at changing their minds. Demand that they understand, in advance, that the phrase they use to describe your product is wrong, and you’ll fail. For example:
tricycleYou consider your product a three-wheeled transporter.

Everyone else calls it a tricycle.

You don’t want to call it a tricycle because it’s just so unique. It transcends tricycle-ness. It revolutionizes transportation. It may change the world!

That’s just fine with me. But when you go to search engines looking for customers, you’d better us the phrases they understand. Optimize for ‘tricycle’. Buy ‘tricycle’ for your pay-per-click campaigns. Explain the difference after folks get to your web site.

Otherwise, you may be right, but you’ll be talking to an empty room.

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  1. Brian Keith

    Brian Keith

    Which is why we are an Internet Marketing Agency, not a Conversation Marketing Agency, though we really are the latter.

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