Do not Hire Me: Seth Godin Says So

Ian Lurie Jun 4 2007

Well, OK, a bit of an over dramatization. But I often work as an SEO consultant, and he says I’m your last option.

In a way, he’s right.

He points out the futility of trying to game or trick the search engines into boosting your ranking in his synopsis of Inside The Black Box.

I find that folks get into trouble when they approach SEO as a purely technical or number-crunching undertaking. The technical stuff is actually just one of many tools that drive a sound search marketing strategy.

The job of any legitimate SEO consultant has three parts:

  • Remove obstacles. Make sure that the search engines can find the content you already have. Not as simple as it sounds, trust me.
  • Navigate safely. Check to insure that your site isn’t doing anything that might incur the Wrath of Google.
  • Be Relevant. Build a strategy around creating great content, cool tools and other great stuff that people in your audience need and want. Tell your story, and tell it well.

Of those three, the first two are actually fairly straightforward. Learn the rules once, and you’re set. The third is a never-ending job. It requires creativity, marketing savvy and (gasp) communications skills. It is not an IT job, or a development job. It’s a marketing job.

Don’t think of SEO as a technical endeavor, so much as a marketing one. Everything else will fall into place.

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