Dumb SEO Spam

Ian Lurie Jun 19 2007

Do people still think stuff like this works? (Cut and paste this – I’m not creating a link and giving them the satisfaction).


I’m 99% sure they’re trying to gain ranking for ‘ford akron ohio’. Hopefully the search engines are smarter than that these days…

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  1. I’ve seen some REALLY WEIRD comment spam on my blog that is seemingly trying to increase ranking for the words “snow patrol crash”. I am guessing for the band Snow Patrol?

  2. Laura


    It’s so much more productive to be ethical. Just think:
    1. Google Adwords research reveals “Not enough data to give estimates” for their beloved phrases. (Both the snow patrol and Akron spammers.)
    2. If the Akron spammers were a legit local business, they could submit to Google Local Search and likely get a free listing for this term.
    Being unethical requires a whole lotta effort for very little reward. Such a waste of time and talent…

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