Five Great Ways to Remain Invisible

Ian Lurie Feb 9 2007


Feel like search engines are just a pest? Don’t want any annoying customers on your web site? Then these tips are for you:

  1. Ignore title tags. Who needs ’em?
  2. Go 100% graphics. It’s prettier, right? Why bother with actual text?
  3. Keep out of it. Don’t ever blog, discuss, or otherwise mention your site in any medium.
  4. Use loooooong URLs. Why use when;dlfjkaeorwiuawe0948230498 will do the same thing?
  5. Copy like crazy. Plagiarize content from other, better-ranked sites to your heart’s content. Sure, the search engines may ban you in response to a complaint, but who cares?


A little Friday fun after a week of situations that needed a laugh track…

tags : conversation marketing


  1. TMS


    Damn, I knew I was doing something wrong. If people would only stop visiting our websites we could relax a little.

  2. Yulia


    Ha-ha. This is a great way to make a point about SEO importance with people that still do get it.

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