Google’s Dancing: Surviving the Dewey Update

Ian Lurie Apr 4 2008

update deweyIt’s somewhat official: Google’s making another major algorithm update. You can read the geeky details on Search Engine Land.
I have a few tips for surviving the experience:

  1. Turn off your computer and walk away for a week.
  2. Find those left over percocets and pop a few.
  3. Failing that, go to the Google server at Search your target phrases there. If the result there is still different from the rest of the world, there’s a chance Google’s still updating, and whatever you’re seeing that’s causing ulcers is temporary.

Google has many servers. They push these updates live from one server to the next. While the servers are never fully in sync, it’s a pretty good way to the progress of a Google update.
I can’t guarantee that is really indicative. But it might just save your sanity.

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  1. Nobody at Google has confirmed anything, and in fact Matt Cutts has said that he doesn’t see much of a change at all.
    Off to stick you on my blogroll now.

  2. Ian


    @Dan I’m not sure what to call this at this point, but I’m definitely seeing major shakeups in the rankings. A few of my clients are still rising and falling as many as 10-15 spots in a period of a few hours, then returning to their previous position.

  3. Dewey


    Page 8 to 88, and back again over April how does this sound. Right across every term. Google webmasters is crap also, as it is never in sync and thus somewhat pointless. Problem is Google doesnt know its ass from its elbow.

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