Have They No Shame?

Ian Lurie Dec 21 2005

I received an e-mail offer today from ‘Top Position’. It’s a perfect example of why so many folks don’t trust search engine optimization (aka SEO). It includes impossible promises, out and out fiction, and an opportunity to have your site completely banned without lifting a finger.

Here’s the exact text:

“We can put you at the top of Yahoo! AND Google today.

Our company has exclusive technology that can put your website(s) above every other company on all the major search engines. Toyota, eBay, Wells Fargo and Dell (just to name a few) already use this technology. We are now offering it direct to you. Tired of SEO plans that get you nowhere? Tired of blowing your budget on pay per click only to lose position immediately? We offer guaranteed results and promotional pricing that will beat any other program you have used.

Contact us immediately at [email protected] if you are interested in getting unlimited traffic and guaranteed positioning with discounted pricing. This promotion will not last long and is on a first come / first serve basis. Please include the URL(s) you are interested in promoting. Examples/Demo can be provided. “

Let’s have a look at the replay, shall we?

First, ‘technology’ doesn’t get you a ranking on a search engine. Bad technology can prevent a good ranking, but the only thing that gets you a good one is good content, smart keyword selection and an intelligently-designed site.

Next, Toyota, eBay, Wells Fargo and Dell don’t use this technology. They don’t have to. Their sites are huge, and their incoming links are extensive. I highly doubt they’ve hired ‘Top Position’ recently.

Third, there are no guaranteed results in search engine optimization. Have a look at Google’s webmaster FAQ.

Fourth, if this promotion won’t last long, why have I been receiving their #$)@(*! spam for the last four months?!
Please, folks, remember: No SEO is better than bad SEO…

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