How SEO ruins Copy, and how your customers can fix it for you

Ian Lurie Jan 28 2010

[ read the transcript for this video here ]
At Pubcon Las Vegas 2009 I gave a presentation about copywriting and SEO.
I finally had time to re-record it. Here it is, minus my quick work as a tech support specialist:

Good copywriting and SEO don’t get along. That’s what folks want you to think, anyway. Good copy and SEO fit together just fine. Learn some tips for making them work together in this video.

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  1. Ian,
    When you look through analytics for the keywords that are driving traffic would you segment out paid keywords since those are chosen by whoever is managing your SEM campaigns rather than your actual visitors?

  2. Ian


    @Laurence It depends on the campaign. I usually don’t segment out paid keywords since I can use other signals – like conversion rate – to see whether visitors from paid search are behaving differently.
    A lot of the time, a high-performing paid keyword can tell me about entire lists of keywords I otherwise might never have considered for organic search. That’s one reason I really like to use both PPC and SEO at the same time.

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