Humble Pie, Eating Crow, Wiping Egg Off Face

Ian Lurie Feb 21 2007

OK, I got caught in a rookie mistake.

I did a quick SEO review of Jeremiah’s blog. In it, I said “Change to a server-side 302 redirect instead of a client-side redirect.”

Gaaaah. Sorry. It should be a 301 redirect, not a 302 redirect. The difference: A 301 redirect indicates that a site or page has permanently moved. That’s what you want the search engines to know.

So, sorry to all who I’ve led down the road to imminent SEO ruin. OK, I’m exaggerating. A little…

301 redirects. Not 302s…

(Ian tiptoes offstage…)

tags : conversation marketing


  1. Ian
    It’s great that you’re responding so quickly and editing one’s comments, I’ve had to do this many times (if blogging is a conversation, than it sometimes lends to real time improvements)
    With that said, no reason to beat yourself up, you’re still a thought/practice leader in this space.

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