Ignorance, revealed

Ian Lurie Feb 1 2007

Marketing Pilgrim points us to an article in the Rapid City Journal that claims ‘For the most part, search engine optimizers are… crooks.’

I won’t comment on the article. I’m too angry.

But I will say this: Claire Scholz, the author of this article, is president of her own ‘Internet design and marketing company’. Check it out at Asiostudio.com and make your own decisions as to her level of expertise.

And it includes multiple articles are search engine optimization. And she offers search engine optimization services!?

Services she’s not very good at:

  • Her code isn’t CSS 2.0.
  • She has inline CSS styles.
  • Her title tags are not optimized.
  • Her page headings are graphics, instead of text.
  • Hmmmmmm.So Claire, if you’re selling services for which you aren’t qualified, does that make you, um, a crook?

    Caught redhanded

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