In SEO, Details Matter: Site Review #3

Ian Lurie Sep 18 2009

This week’s site review is – a solid web site that needs an SEO tuneup. Michael Weigand and I reviewed it together:

Site Review: SEO Details Matter from ian lurie on Vimeo.

You can download it in full size, too from this link.
Also, watch it all the way through for a shameless plug for a new SEO service we’re launching over at Portent.

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  1. Travis


    Thanks again Ian…
    As always, excellent and timely advice. Little details that can help with SEO that happen to be easy to implement and free are always welcome.
    We’ll probably take you up on your starter SEO package in a few weeks. I just need to get the site launched so we can actually make some money…crossing fingers for this Friday…

  2. Could you please tell me what is the second toolbar in the browser, coming after Google Toolbar?

  3. Ian


    @Maria It’s the SEOMOZ Toolbar, aka the ‘MozBar’

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