Keywords Ain’t All Dat: An SEO Lesson

Ian Lurie Aug 8 2007

Keywords can wreck a good search engine optimization campaign.

That can be a tough lesson to learn. Fortunately, you have me to prove it to you. Years of internet marketing apparently numbed my brain.

I wrote a beautifully optimized page for my company site – it focuses on our Google Analytics practice. Within a week, we had the #3 spot for ‘Google Analytics Consulting’. Woo hoo!

Ranking for 'Google Analytics Consulting'
Four days later, I checked the Keywords report in Google Analytics. Alas:

keyword report

Of those 5 visits, 5 are probably me.

Of course, if I’d bothered to use any keyword research tool (such as WordTracker, KeywordDiscovery or even Google Adwords), I would have immediately seen that no one searches for ‘Google Analytics Consulting’.

Back to the drawing board.

The moral of this story: Research your keywords.

I am now going to go wipe the egg of my face…

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  1. alexissr


    Do you think that Wordtracker and KeywordDiscovery would be of great interest for someone looking for “french keywords” and french market ?
    I mean, all the data collected by these two apps are collected from US surfers isn’t it ?

  2. ian


    Actually KeywordDiscovery has many languages, including French.

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