Link building strategies: Video from SEMPDX

Ian Lurie Feb 12 2010

Grandma knows best. This is my presentation from SEMPDX this week: Link Building using the stuff you already have, but didn’t know about (aka Finding Links Between the Cushions):

Link building sucks. It’s hard, it’s not fun, and the payoff is a long way away. So why not learn to make more from the links you SHOULD already have.

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  1. As someone who couldn’t make it to SEMPDX, thanks for sharing a little of your presentation. Chocolate over-consumption or not, I think it’s great that you turned this into a video rather than just throwing up the slides.

  2. Great video Ian. The worst case of stolen content for me was when an individual who was, I think, Russian was masking content.
    I found out because I’ve got Google Alerts set up so that when something is crawled by Google and that page has a set of pre-defined key phrases, I get emailed.
    This site was an EXACT copy of my entire site, including all content, title tags, links etc. It was such a dodgy site, however, that when a natural person visits the site, they see a normal page and NOT what the Googlebot saw.
    Needless to say, I contacted the webmaster and got my information removed and also contacted Google to get the site pulled because it was clearly malicious.
    Thanks for the video.

  3. Excellent presentation. You really do seem to have a thing for KitKats don’t you :-)

  4. Great stuff as usual Ian, thanks. Link building is a bit like doing sit-ups I suppose. Not fun, but useful. I appreciate someone sharing ideas that make it a bit easier, and that are real ideas, instead the garbage slung around out there (“guru” this or “secret” that).

  5. Lmao “Dear Dumbass”. I might have to email you some day Ian with that opening.

    But Link building does not suck! Although it might not be as fun as content creation, it’s a chance for an SEO to show his creativity & hustle :)

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