Local Search Optimization: Put Your Address On Your Site!!!!

Ian Lurie Aug 27 2008

If you want to rank well in local search results, put your address on your web site.

Proof: Last week, I asked my team to add our mailing address in the footer of our site. We already have a pretty address graphic on internal pages, but I wanted a text address.

And lo, there was much caterwauling at how I was wrecking our design.

Well, OK, there wasn’t, because my team is very SEO-conscious, but if it was any other design team I would’ve been tarred and feathered.

Nevertheless, I am the Almighty Signer of Paychecks. So they added our address:

Address added to the website

A week later, here’s our ranking in the Google Local search results for ‘Seattle Search Engine Optimization’:

Portent's local search ranking

We also suddenly jumped into the top 5 local results on Yahoo! (we’re not technically IN Seattle, so it’s always been tough).

Add your address. It’s just silly not to.

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