Matt Cutts SEO Videos

Ian Lurie Aug 1 2006

seo google videoMatt Cutts, Google engineer and champion of white-hat SEO practitioners everywhere, has a collection of short search engine instructional videos he’s recorded.

In them, he answers lots of SEO questions, like ‘who should I optimize for, the search engines, or my customers?’, and ‘What makes a web site “good” for SEO’. Some of his answers are pretty technical, but Matt does a great job of keeping things super-accessible.

This is your chance to see it straight from a guy who works at Google. Remember, his opinions aren’t officially those of Google. But his opinions also agree with mine, so hey, he’s got to be in good shape. :)

His points include stuff like:

  • Optimize for users and search engines. Don’t just optimize for search.
  • Optimizing your code is as important as optimizing content.
  • Good ‘link bait’ is important.

I highly recommend you take a look. It’s great information.

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