Tutorial: Picking Great Keywords Starts with Great Questions

Ian Lurie Sep 4 2008

If you want to pick the right keywords, you need to start by knowing the questions your audience wants answered. Great tools are helpful, but if you don’t
Your customers don’t walk around with keyphrases in their heads. They think “how do I plan my wedding?” and then translate that into “wedding planning” because search engines have trained them to do that.
So great keyword selection starts with an understanding of your audience and their questions.
I did a little presentation at Portent yesterday on just this subject. You can watch it here:

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  1. With Google Adwords tool I always use ‘Exact” phrase. It spits out lower search volume but seems to be more accurate than “Board Match”

  2. Jay


    I’m still at a loss if I we’re to target a particular region or country as to where would I look for that area’s top keywords.
    I only saw the Global and US top keywords in Google.

  3. Excellent presentation. I watched the entire thing. Very well done!

  4. This is a great presentation Ian. I love the concept of answering questions – thanks for such a concise video of a subject that too many gloss over with a link to a keyword report.

  5. Understanding that google doesen’t consider meta keywords in there ranking, how do you optimize for local search. I was under the impression that you just added the location to your key words. How can that work? I might want to draw from a 200 mile radius that has 200 cities in it. I can’t just put the keyword with the city attached.

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