Search Awards 2014 – Best SEO Campaign

Ian Lurie Oct 10 2014

^ Note: That’s Ken Colborn up there. Keep reading. It’ll all make sense. ^

We won! Best SEO Campaign of 2014. Allow me to wax philosophical for a second:

My team constantly teaches me new stuff. Their skills and approach are a constant inspiration, and I can’t say it enough times: It’s such an honor to get to work with this team. Every day, through ups and downs (and ups again).

So when Portent got nominated for five Search Awards, I was pretty dang proud, and a wave of high fives traveled through the office.

When we won the Best SEO Campaign of 2014, though, I was overjoyed. In addition to celebrating Ken Colborn, the primary SEO Specialist on this project, I want to point out our entire team’s efforts. Marketing campaigns only succeed with collaboration. Everyone at Portent helps with these projects: Project managers, account managers, content folks, technical and UX SEOs, offsite and social. Everyone.

Thanks folks. You earned this one.

Update: If you want to learn what we did to win the Best SEO Campaign of 2014, checkout our case study.


  1. Jey


    Where can we read about this campaign and Ken’s work?

  2. Congrats for such an awesome award. You deserve that :)

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