Search Marketing Versus Simpletons

Ian Lurie Feb 7 2007

Muhammad at Pronet shows us a video as an indication as to why social sites, like, hate search engine marketers.

The video he shows is horrible. The guy in the video is recommending unethical, short-sighted strategies that achieve nothing, or worse. Add links to social bookmarking sites three times a week?! This strategy would never work, first because the bookmarking sites will ban you and take down your links, and second because the search engines will quickly begin reducing the importance of links from sites like Digg.

But I have to differentiate between search engine marketers and simpletons (or at least folks who assume their customers are simpletons).

Good search marketers work on improving content, structure and markup, and on strategies that will get other sites to link to you, without scamming social networking sites.

Simpletons find what they think is a loophole, don’t bother to investigate, and then push that loophole – in this case, linking from social sites – beyond all realms of sanity.

Simpletons don’t bother to brag modestly. Search marketers do.

tags : conversation marketing