From Seattle – Search Engine Optimization Explained

Tom Schmitz

From Seattle – Search Engine Optimization – To You

All SEO professionals face a difficult task when explaining their work in ways that are :

  1. Understandable

  2. Meaningful

  3. Actionable

I enjoy talking about Search Engine Optimization at Seattle area events and discussing SEO in everyday terms with our clients from around the USA—it’s a highlight of my work. So I decided that a fun challenge will be to explain, from my desk in Seattle, Search Engine Optimization and how it works in simple usable terms.

SEO Definition

I’ll start with my own definition of SEO. I wrote this awhile ago for the Search Engine Optimization Group on Facebook:

Search Engine Optimization endows web sites with the traits and authority required to achieve high rankings on Internet search engines. Part science and part art, the search engine optimizer’s craft requires intellect, discipline and sound judgment.

I should have added persistence and patience to my SEO definition.

SEO requires:

  1. Knowing how search engines work
  2. Understanding the search engine ranking factors
  3. The ability to implement or strengthen different ranking factors

SEO is Not Connecting Dots

Search Engine Optimization is not a simple formula one blindly follows. You’ll find numerous forks in the road and hills in your path. SEO requires experience to understand the challenges ahead and sound judgement to make good choices.

Future Search Engine Optimization Stories

Going forward I plan to discuss each aspect of SEO, a beginning to end SEO Guide, except that SEO never really ends. I’ll include as much everyday vocabulary as I can muster too. We’ll start with a pre-SEO checklist.

So here we go. From my desk in Seattle, search engine optimization, for you.

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