SEO and Your Business Model: Site Review of

Ian Lurie Oct 2 2009

For this week’s site review, I took a look at
My advice:

  • Build a search-optimized home page.
  • Focus on the business model. You’re offering coupons and discounts. Make sure folks can get access to them quickly and easily. Then use that to build a relationship and get visitors to purchase membership.

SEO and Business Models: CM Site Review #4 from ian lurie on Vimeo.

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  1. Marcus


    Another excellent quick site review, Ian! Keep them coming! I think the usability tips you give are really insightful and helpful. Good work!

  2. Corey McNeil

    Corey McNeil

    Ian, you my friend are a rock star. If you offered life sized posters I would stick you right on my wall as a reminder of what I would like to become.
    I just found your site two days ago. (How sad is that? And I call myself a search professional). I have not really logged off since then. All the time on the site might be kind of counter productive, at least immediately to my work, but I can justify it by the education I am receiving, it just happens to be served with a bit of entertainment.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
    A Faithful Fan,

  3. Ian


    @Corey Thanks! I’m blushing.
    Life sized posters. Hmmmm….

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