12 Ways SEO is Like Bacon

Ian Lurie Mar 5 2009

  1. Everyone loves it.
  2. Some people try to say they hate it. That just means they love it even more.
  3. Overindulging may cause a heart attack.
  4. It’s more expensive than you might think.
  5. Some bacon comes from horrifically dirty muck-dwelling animals. SEO sometimes comes from the same place.
  6. Bacon fills your house with the delicious aroma of cooking pork. SEO fills your company with the delicious aroma of money.
  7. Really bad bacon sizzles but causes indigestion. Really bad SEO sounds great but does the same thing.
  8. Under-prepared bacon can give you worms. So can underprepared SEO.
  9. Cheap bacon can give you worms, too. Same with SEO.
  10. Organic bacon is best.
  11. No one – no one – wants to see how bacon is made. Same goes for SEO.
  12. If you make bacon, you’re relegated to the stinkiest, darkest part of town. If you’re an SEO pro you’ll wish you were relegated to the stinkiest, darkest part of town.
Sweet, sweet bacon.

Sweet, sweet bacon.

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  1. Dave


    Haha. Brilliant correlation Ian. Who would’ve thought? And mostly true too. Except for the bit about making it because I’d love to see how some sites manage to get the organic rankings they do.

  2. Mike


    13. Bacon is fat and is not good for your health. The same goes for SEO. If you have too much of it and not caring about the other aspects of your marketing campaign, then it is also not good for the health of the company.

  3. diane


    For some crazy reason (probably related to the fact that I am older than dirt, and age makes my brain synapses fire oddly), this post reminds me of an episode of You Bet Your Life. (I was going to say “an old episode,” but they’re all old, aren’t they?)
    On this particular show, Groucho was interviewing one Rabbi Nussbaum, whose Hollywood synagogue included many famous stars among its members. The rabbi was rattling off a list of the big-name actors and actresses in his congregation when Groucho leaned over and interjected, “Why, Rabbi, I’m surprised you allow all that ham in your synagogue.”
    OK, this is a propos of absolutely nothing. And, for the record, I like bacon when it is pretty much burned to a blackened crisp. When it’s underdone, it makes me queasy. Could there be an analogy to SEO there? Hmmm….

  4. Ian


    @Diane Overdone bacon is technically better for you, too, since it has less fat.

  5. diane


    On the other hand, I’ve heard that overdone bacon is carcinogenic. Let’s face it, everything’s bad for us, at least if it tastes good. We’re doomed….

  6. Ha ha…very cute…I’ll pass this on to all those Bacon lovin’ SEOers..

  7. leila


    Guffaw. Twittered and passed on.
    Bacon and eggs…SEO and PPC…but not good for hangovers.

  8. Marie


    I never thought of SEO in such a delicious way before. Thanks for putting it all in perspective. Hilarious post!

  9. I hope this isn’t true as I’m addicted to Seo, does that mean that I am going to become a FAT GUY???

  10. Nice comparison; anyway the study and the proper implementation of search engine optimization is a key ingredient in making sure that the site does well online.

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