SEO Q and A: Serious Stuff

Ian Lurie Apr 20 2010

As part of the Internet Marketing Q&A, David asks: Aside from standard on-page optimization and getting backlinks, what would you see as “high level” SEO practices? (sure, reveal all your secrets, for free, in a public place… ;-)
Well, rest assured, David, I won’t reveal all my secrets. Maybe a few sekrits, but that’s it. Here are a few serious SEO areas you’ll want to check out, though, that either go beyond the usual on-page and link building stuff, or go into totally new areas:

  1. Consolidate links wherever possible, to make better use of pagerank and authority.
  2. Optimize videos that are embedded in your site.
  3. Optimize images.
  4. Got a shopping feed? Optimize that, too.
  5. Make sure you’re tracking 2nd page clicks in Google Analytics. You can read this Google Analytics cheat sheet that some nice guy created.
  6. Consider going beyond a typical keyword mining run and doing a full, page by page keyword map.
  7. Upgrade your site’s performance with speed enhancements.

Oh, you can hire a professional SEO, too :)


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