SEO training: The outline

Ian Lurie May 28 2010

training outlineOK, time for me to buckle down, quit messing around with silly posts, and wrap up the SEO training course I’ve been working on forever. It’s piece #1 of a larger internet marketing curriculum I’ve been working on forever and a day.
Thought I’d throw the outline out there and see what everyone thinks. This is how I’m structuring the training:


  1. How search engines think
  2. Mythbusting
  3. The SEO opportunity


  1. The keyword map
  2. The triage
  3. Goal-setting
  4. Analytics 101

Onsite SEO

  1. Building site visibility
    1. Crawling your site – tools and techniques
    2. Feeds and sitemaps
    3. NERD STUFF: Log analysis
    4. NERD STUFF: Getting real (time)
  2. Site structure
    1. Internal linking
    2. Hub pages
    3. NERD STUFF: PageRank mapping
  3. Page structure: On-page edits and tags
  4. Managing onsite edits (without going insane)

Content Strategy

  1. Why this matters more than anything else
  2. Rules for good online copy
  3. Editing existing copy for better SEO (without sounding stupid)
  4. Writing
  5. Production 101 for online writing
  6. Why blogging is still writing
  7. Setting an editorial calendar

Offsite SEO

  1. Basic link building
    1. Directory submission
    2. Social media profiles
  2. Syndication
    1. Content spinning
    2. Blog syndication
    3. Press releases
    4. Why you shouldn’t get too excited about syndication
  3. Link sleuthing
    1. What the hell does that mean, anyway?
    2. Broken link repair & redirection
    3. Finding non-linking citations
    4. Begging for links
  4. Making friends and influencing influencers
  5. Who your link building audience really is

Blended search

  1. Image optimization
  2. Video optimization
  3. Shopping feed optimization

SEO metrics

  1. What you should not track
  2. What you should track, and how
  3. NERD STUFF: Attribution
  4. Analytics 201
  5. NERD STUFF: Advanced analytics reports

Yes, this will cost money

Yes, I will charge you money for this training. You can’t have it for free. You can’t have it at a discount. You can’t have it in exchange for a link. If no one buys it, it’s OK, because I have to write it for my internal team anyway. Phbttt.

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  1. Harsha


    When can I buy this… looks like the exact info I was looking for in one book !

  2. Ian


    @Harsha July 1st.

  3. This looks really comprehensive Ian. I’m looking forward to raiding my son’s bank account (again) to take part.

  4. Simon


    Hi Ian, this looks very comprehensive. May I ask who your target audience is?

  5. I’m willing to pay for that course ;-)

  6. Ian


    @Simon In-house SEOs and do-it-yourselfers. It’ll cover a pretty wide range, experience-wise.

  7. I’ve been waiting on pins and needles for this, and I’m glad you are going to unveil it soon.
    I will definitely pay for this. In my experience anything Ian and his team puts together is well worth the money.
    Thanks again Ian!

  8. Dee Ford

    Dee Ford

    Looks like this might fill a void in the SEO market. Most of the books & training are focused on tactics and basics. Seems like you’re laying out a holistic process.
    Can’t wait to get in on this.

  9. Ron Warren

    Ron Warren

    Always liked Ian’s perspective on SEO. This should be great

  10. Dave


    Hi Ian,
    How much are you charging for this when you bring it out?

  11. Ian


    @Dave $27/month or $275/year

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