SMB SEO Tips – Webinar video

Ian Lurie Oct 28 2012

Here’s the video from Josh Patrice’s excellent SEO for small business webinar last week. Enjoy:

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  1. Brian


    “There’s Al Gore installing the Internet, right next to Bill Clinton” :D

    This video is excellent, and I hope there’s plenty of business owners who watch and appreciate it. They can learn the importance of social media and online presence, and in a way that’s explained clearly.

    I decided to start up an online business not too long ago. It was actually surprisingly easy to get started, and since I stayed committed to it, I began achieving results and now work from home, full-time.

    I’m finding more and more that online businesses and brick and mortar businesses have a tremendous amount in common. I find that my success is coming from my ability to connect with others in a meaningful way, and that others will find success online and offline so long as they can do the same.

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