When Using Social Media for SEO, Remember the SEO

So far so good. Agencies have learned the power of social media to earn brand mentions and links. But here’s where it gets gritty. When you use social media for SEO you have to focus those energies to get SEO results.

There are two types of social media:

Social media for people

This is the typical social media most folks think of. Goals are people-oriented, such as brand awareness, audience building, attracting visitor or earning conversions.

Social media for SEO

When your social media goal is SEO the focus shifts from people to search engines, relevance and authority.

Here’s what to remember when using social media for SEO. Focus your efforts either directly on an SEO hub page or on a document that supports an SEO hub page.

In an ideal world every link bait blog article would be a hub page targeting a traffic generating  keyword. You’d select the keyword, write optimized copy, find a relevant image and add an optimized alt tag and caption, then add a great title also optimized for your keyword. Because you make awesome link bait your page will get lots of Twitter mentions, Facebook referrals, Stumbles and links that make it explode onto the first page of search engine results.

In the real world your SEO target is more likely to be a un-link-worthy product page deep inside your client’s online brochure. The only way to make this page rank, after the on-page optimization, is to publish one link-worthy piece after the other, each topically related to the SEO hub page and linking to it with the appropriate anchor text. Most websites have more than one SEO hub page, so chances are good you will need to produce large amounts of traffic and operate campaigns to promote your link bait. You have to do more than blog from your own site too. Publish optimized press releases. Guest blog on other sites. Publish videos such as demos on YouTube and other sites.  With proper focus, determination and time you can mount quite an effective social media campaign.

What not to do? The biggest danger in using social media for SEO is to become frustrated by the lack of response and begin chasing the audience instead of the optimization. It’s easy to convince yourself that you will return to the SEO part of the campaign once you build a following.  Stay focused on your goal. If you have to change tactics choose different goal oriented ones. No matter what you are doing you must be able to say which keyword or words and which hub page or pages you are supporting.

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  1. Well I must say I don’t think there is even much wiggle room when doing social SEO. I mean sure you must balance your keywords and headers but still the text must be readable. Most social media that people actually view need a striking text. A 100% SEO optimized thing won’t just do. So I would go for some kind of middle ground if possible.

  2. youtube videos are best for a social media campagne… your biggest challenge is giving the video a title that will lure in viewers… once you’ve found a good title and give worthy information in your video you can sit back and watch the view count accumulate day by day.

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