Successful Search Engine Optimization

Ian Lurie Jun 24 2008

As Tom said last week, you must include search engine optimization in your internet marketing process from day 1. “Day 1” means “the first day you think about building a new web site”.
And that’s not some kind of weird Seattle thing, either. Your web site is part of your campaign. So the planning that goes into it is critical to your marketing goals.
Here’s how and when you should involve the search engine optimization team:

Planning the Project

Ideally, get your SEO vendor involved during project planning. Have them sit down with your design and development folks to figure out when SEO input will help.

Creating the Architecture

Ask your search engine optimization guru to work with the information architect. She’ll have tools to measure keyword competitiveness and relevance, and help the architect figure out what should go where.
Keyword data gives the SEO rare insight into just how your visitors use your site. Capitalize on that.
Then, when the architect is selecting the right tools (shopping cart, content management system, etc.) for your site, the SEO can help weed out the technologies that will bury you in the rankings.

Putting it All Together

As your writers, designers and developers pull the site together, your search engine optimization specialist can help:

  • Structure content for the best visitor and SEO impact;
  • Design pages that will look good and be search-friendly;
  • Program the site so it presents a big ‘come on in!’ sign to search engines.

Ensuring All Is Well

The search engine optimization consultant can check your site for potential problems before you launch. They’ll find broken links, duplicate content and any other unexpected problems.
She can also map out which pages on the old site need to be redirected. Smart redirection will ensure that your site keeps the link authority as you switch over.


Once the site launches, the SEO consultant will help you with link building, ongoing optimization and content strategy. What they won’t have to do is backtrack and fix things that you already paid for.
Isn’t that a good thing?
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