Test Drive: Evri Search and Discovery Tools

Ian Lurie Sep 26 2008

Evri doesn’t bill itself as a search engine. Their motto is ‘Search less, understand more’.

It’s a new entry into a field of advanced, semantically-driven knowledge discovery tool. I won’t try to categorize it. I do see them as major acquisition bait, ala Powerset, because their technology could enhance search results.

How It Works: Not Too Shabby

If you visit their site at www.evri.com, you can type in a person, product or thing and it immediately aggregates information for you. Alas, it knew nothing about yours truly. But a search on Danny Sullivan showed me that he’s a race car driver as well as an SEO specialist:


That wasn’t totally fair, since there’s also a Danny Sullivan who really is a racecar driver. Evri did a good job of ferreting out relevant images, text and videos regardless:


Widgety Goodness

What’s got me intrigued, though, is their new widget. Place it on a page, and it displays content related to the discussion. That could have great applications in knowledge bases, on news sites and on a bigger scale in large document collections like the Library of Congress, or my maudlin teen-age poetry.

How Evri Works

The most intriguing part of the Evri toolset is how it actually reads the semantic structure of the page, looking at headings and paragraphs. You can change the selectors so that it reads different heading levels, table content or any other element on the page.

As a semantic analyzer, Evri could be a pretty fantastic tool for internet marketers and search engine optimizers, too. It lets you pull and search on such granular ‘chunks’ of information – it really gets you thinking: Put the widget on a page of, say, products. Then customize the script to only pull within your site, and you have an automatic ‘related products’ finder that’s more accurate than any previous technology.

I’m going to go geek out now…

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