The Easiest SEO Booster – Heading Tags

Ian Lurie Aug 11 2007

HTML code for H1 tagsInternet marketing is still driven by search engines. So here’s a quick tip: Go through your web site.

On the home page, make sure you have at least one level one heading tag – aka an H1 tag. Make sure that whatever keyphrase you’re after is in the H1 tag.

For example, if the heading on our home page is “Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers”, you’ll want to make sure that it’s set to ‘h1’ in your content manager. If you’re working in the HTML code itself, make sure it looks like this:

<h1>Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers</h1>

Now go through every page of your site, and do the same thing with one phrase that’s relevant to that page.

I guarantee believe you’ll move up a few spots for those phrases within a week.

Note: I know the title tag can have more of an effect. But the H1 tag is typically easier to edit. Any content management system will let you edit/add a level one heading tag. Not all tools will allow a quick, easy edit of the title tag.

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